Guide to Financial Aid and Scholarships for Nurses

Are you interested in becoming a nurse to enjoy a good job and salary growth, but are worried about having hefty student loan debts when you graduate?This guide on nursing grants and scholarships for graduate and undergraduate studies can help you pay for your education.

If you are reading this article, please be aware that although these scholarships are offered annually, they may not have an application deadline for the year in which you live.

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Nurse Student Grants and Scholarships

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Who can apply? Students enrolled at an AACN-member institution who wish to earn a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s or Doctoral Degree in Nursing. Special consideration is given to those students enrolled in a Graduate Program with a goal of becoming a Nurse Educator, completing a RN-to BSN or MSN, and those enrolled into an accelerated nursing programme.
Who can apply? Graduate students who are pursuing doctoral degrees in cancer nursing and/or preparing to become nurse scientists.
Who can apply? Nursing students with Native American ancestry who are interested in pursuing a career that will serve Native American healthcare.
Who can apply ? Are you currently in full-time schooling or medical training programs and are working towards a career of EMT/paramedic, other first responders, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, physicians, physician assistants, or respiratory therapy?The applicant must write an essay.
Who can apply? Lutheran undergraduate students who are pursuing a degree that involves service to persons with disabilities and have a GPA of at least 3.0.
Who can applyStudents who have financial need and are accepted or enrolled in a nursing program accredited.
Who can apply? RNs who have an ADN and are pursuing a BSN degree or higher.
Who can apply? Undergraduate and graduate students who have completed a thesis on the value of CPR.
Who can apply? Graduate students in nursing who are aspiring to leadership roles within academic nursing.
Who can apply? Nursing students who have documented disabilities and are enrolled or attending an undergraduate or graduate program in nursing.
Students of Hispanic origin enrolled or accepted into undergraduate or graduate universities or colleges.
Who can apply? Nursing students enrolled in an AACN-member institution who have a minimum GPA of 3.2.
Who can applyNursing students or healthcare professionals of Native American descent who are willing to commit two years of service in Native American communities.


Costs of tuition and other educational costs

Who can applyAn LPN/LVN working in long-term or post-acute care, and pursuing a BSN degree or higher.
Who can apply? African American graduates of high school who are pursuing a career in healthcare.
Members of the NBNA can apply. They must be enrolled at a nursing school with at least ONE YEAR left in their program.The program will determine the other requirements.
Who can apply? Master or Doctoral Students enrolled in Accredited Programs who have completed a minimum of one year full study.
Who can apply? Active NAHN member in good standing enrolled in a nursing program accredited by the NAHN.
Who can applyFull-time Nursing Students who are willing to commit at least 2 years service in a Critical Shortage Facility.


The full tuition cost and all other educational costs.

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