SwipeFox App | Top 5 Stats for Per Diem RNs

SwipeFox is an app that equips your 5 fingers with all the power to direct your career. Use one finger to swipe left — “no thanks.” Use another to swipe right — “looks interesting.” And use the other three to hold your phone as you continue to explore. In the spirit of those powerful five digitals, here is a list of the top 5 stats that all registered nurses considering or actively engaged in per diem contracts should be equipped with.

Per Diem RN Stats

1 – The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects nurse practitioner employment to grow by 52% from 2020 to 2030. This is a great, solid career path for those already in nursing or considering nursing. With a pandemic turning endemic, and the retirement population growing, the demand for nurses will not slow.

2 – Nurses working in a per diem capacity are also less likely to leave their current role (13%) compared to those who are not (30%), according to the findings [IntelyCare Research Group study]. So if you find yourself looking to make a change, maybe try taking a few per diem contracts. The risk is low and the reward is high.

3 – Tech-enabled per diem nurses feel more empowered; 45% of these tech adopters often describe themselves and successful and confident [IntelyCare Research Group study]. Clearly, this is SwipeFox’s favorite stat. As an app that provides a tech-enable environment, we are all about empowering our registered nurses, travel nurses and per diem nurses.

4 – Per Diem Nurse Staffing Market is estimated to grow at a 4.96% rate from 2019-2026. [Data Bridge Market research]. This could be due to all the happy tech-enabled nurses out there or the notion that per diem contracts offer the most flexibility and control on ones career. Try it out.

5 – North America dominated the per diem nurse staffing market with a share of 54.9% back in 2020 and it continues to grow. [Grand View Research] Why not grow with it?

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